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Wearable intelligence coming to a workplace near you

“Vivametrica, a Calgary-based data analytics platform company, examines data from wearable sensor devices for the assessment of corporate health and wellness programs. Through their services, they are creating a bridge for a healthier population and greater satisfaction in the workplace.”

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Vivametrica Cofounder to Lead the Stanford Center for Medical Mobile Technology

“While the wearable technology market continues to grow rapidly, questions remain as to how this collected data can be used scientifically to improve health and wellness in measurable and meaningful ways. Vivametrica today announced that its cofounder, Dr. Matthew Smuck has founded and will act as director of the Stanford Center for Medical Mobile Technology”

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Vivametrica Powering the Evolution of ‘Wearable Wellness’

“As the future of wearable sensor devices shows no signs of slowing down, one Calgary startup is stepping up in capturing the data they collect.

Vivametrica is a data analytics company dedicated to wearable technology and their relationship to health and wellness. The company was founded by a team with an extensive research and clinical care background”

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Data from wearables could be used as evidence—for or against you

“The case has already garnered international attention as the first known lawsuit involving data from a fitness tracker. Many believe it’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways in which wearable technology can be used to help people track their health, win legal battles or even lower their insurance premiums.

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Fitbit Data Now Being Used In The Courtroom

“Personal injury cases are prime targets for manipulation and conjecture. How do you show that someone who’s been in a car accident can’t do their job properly, and deserves thousands of dollars in compensation? Till now lawyers have relied on doctors to observe someone for half an hour or so and give their, sometimes-biased opinion. Soon, they might also tap the wealth of quantifiable data provided by fitness trackers.”

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Vivametrica is the Winner of the A100 One to Watch Award

“Each year the A100 recognizes one lucky startup as the “One to Watch” at the Startup Calgary Launch Party. This year’s award recipient is Vivametrica, an open source data analytics platform that pulls data from smart phones and wearable fitness devices to get a big picture of health trends.”

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Canadian startup specializes in wearables data analysis

“This month Apple announced the April release of its Apple Watch, and that is just the latest entry in the growing world of wearable tech. As these devices become more widespread, there’s an expanding market for companies that can utilize the data generated by these devices.

Vivametrica is getting in on the ground floor with this rising trend. A Calgary-based tech startup, it specializes in wearable tech data analysis in the health and wellness space—a niche that no one else has caught on to yet.

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Health Wearables: The Sherlock Holmes Effect

“Solving mysteries, both criminal and medical, requires good data – including data that is often overlooked or has not previously been available. It’s fun to imagine what a modern Sherlock Holmes could do with the data provided by wearable devices.”

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