Co-founder Matthew Smuck talks CMMT and Vivametrica

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"While biometric information is increasingly available in the commercial sector, it commonly lacks the scientific validity necessary to make the transition to healthcare applications." Stanford (Calif.) University has launched the Stanford Center for Medical Mobile Technology, a new research center dedicated to new ways to bring wearables and other mobile devices into healthcare. Vivametrica co-founder [...]

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Vivametrica in Politico

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"By applying rigorous medical research methodology and advanced statistics to the analysis of mobile technology data, our research team aims to create new insights into human diseases and develop modern tools for detection and prevention." The Center already has a staff of five and has five studies underway, with more expected to come. Original article

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Wearable technologies Coverage

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"Patients and your clients will find value in connecting data to create personalised risk assessments for chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and back pain, along with creating actionable health targets." Solutions providers will find opportunities in standardising data, calibrating data, and securing it through all points of the communications process. It will be beneficial [...]

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Business Solutions Coverage

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As wearables collect more and more data, this will mean more and newer needs around analytics. Companies like Canadian startup, Vivametrica, are working to bridge the gap between the data that wearables provide, and clinical applications. Security And Beyond With the increased use of this data comes new concerns around security. According to Vivametrica’s CEO, [...]

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Vivametrica makes pitch for mHealth data aggregation and analysis market

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"Of course, an analytics platform is only as good as the data it uses, and as such Vivametrica is taking steps to standardize the somewhat variable output of consumer mHealth devices." The market for mHealth data aggregation platforms has become increasingly congested over the past year, with Apple ($AAPL) and Google ($GOOG) joining the more [...]

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Maneesh Juneja – Startup of the Week

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For this 'Startup of the week' post, Maneesh caught up with Dr Richard Hu, Founder and CEO of Canadian startup, Vivametrica. The impetus to begin working on Vivametrica came from an accumulation of past experience with clinical care and research. However, the “aha moment” came when Dr. Hu started doing more in depth investigation of activity monitors [...]

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mHealthSpot coverage

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  "The company is very proud of its executive team that is comprised of experts in the fields of health, medicine and business." A company called Vivametrica is looking to leverage data produced by wearable devices and turn it into meaningful healthcare decisions. So they're introducing what they say is the first-of-its-kind wearable analytics platform, [...]

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Apple Watch is going to measure heart rate. So what?

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"So why is it exciting that we now have heart rate sensors AND accelerometers in the same place? Think Jerry McGuire: they complete each other." Apple recently gave us its big reveal: a smartwatch. Among the proposed sensors on this watch are a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. As an exercise scientist, the presence [...]

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HealthTech Zone Coverage

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“There's a cloak of digital data around all of us - We want to take advantage of that and give people tools to better manage their lives and activities.” Wearable fitness devices like FitBit and various fitness tracking apps help people around the world get their exercise routines on track, as the software collects data [...]

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SiliconAngle Coverage

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"By having an analytics platform dedicated to health-related data, Vivametrica can be used to predict risks for diseases and for early detection." As more wearable health devices become available to consumers, we may soon be faced with loads of data that we don’t know what to do with. To help consumers make sense of data gathered [...]

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