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Simplifying insurance
and improving wellness

Leaders in health and predictive analytics for
underwriting, engagement and more.


Revolutionizing the Insurance and Wellness industries.

We work with the world’s largest insurers and wellness providers to develop next generation products and services. Save time and money with technologically driven solutions.

The Science

Vivametrica has developed the most accurate and valid health score using sensor data. We also have risk predictors for specific chronic diseases, mortality, smoking, as well as financial calculators. We are currently developing nutrition and disability analyses. Our analytics team looks to the latest scientific literature and market demands for innovation.

Our Technology

Data is the new currency. Wearables, smartphones, new sensor technology. Advanced analytics allows Vivametrica to understand that data and apply it in a meaningful and scientifically valid way. Available via API, web platform or iOS app.

Web Platform
iOS Application

Why Work with Us?

Brought to you by the award-winning founders of the Stanford Wearable Health Lab. We have over 25  years of research and clinical experience in human health, chronic disease and data. We have compiled a comprehensive dataset that is one-of-a-kind in the world. We work with insurers and our proprietary methods undergo continuous internal and third-party validation.
The proof is in the science.

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Rick Hu, MD, Founder and CEO

Dr. Christy Lane, PhD, Co-Founder and COO
Meet the rest of our team

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