Developed by Clinicians and Researchers
Vivametrica builds tools for Digital and Mobile Health

The arrival of Digital Biomarkers has made new opportunities in Health & Wellness. Digital Biomarkers are produced by users and are recorded by connected devices. Common examples of these are: step-count, heart rate, and sleep. Vivametrica turns these basic measures into Health Analytics Information. This information comes in the form of personal health scores. Vivametrica has created ways to predict risk for chronic diseases. Using large sets of data, we can also compare personal scores to those of other people.


Health Intelligence for your Business or Organization

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Understand how physical activity can be used to assess health risk at an individual and organizational level. Use wearables technology to engage clients in personal health and wellness, providing incentives for new and existing policy holders. Develop tools for streamlined underwriting, stratifying risk and personalizing products for clients.

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Health & Wellness Providers
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Relate Health & Wellness spending to actual health outcomes. Use Vivametrica’s proprietary health analytics to gain insight into how modifiable behaviours can affect  your organization. Provide a low-touch solution for longitudinal remote monitoring with wearable devices and develop early-detection systems for higher risk individuals, preventing the larger part of health-related costs. Spend dollars wisely by evaluating initiatives with clinical and research-based health metrics.

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Device Manufacturers/App Developers
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Differentiate your device from the surplus of wearables entering the consumer market. Enable users to understand how wearable device data relates to individual health and wellness. Added intelligence and health analytics increase user adoption, engagement and retainment. Straightforward development and access to our algorithms via API. Partner with Vivametrica to go beyond sensor data, translating that data into health insight. Vivametrica’s population bench-marking also allows for personalized goal-setting and evaluation.

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